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Police Officer: “Do you know why I pulled you over?”
Fletcher: “Here goes: I sped, I followed too closely, I ran a stop sign, I almost hit a Chevy, I sped some more, I failed to yield at a crosswalk, I changed lanes in the intersections, I changed lanes without signaling, while running a red light, and speeding!”
— Liar, Liar (1997)

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First Grade

First Grade

Spoiler Alert on the Hungry Caterpillar
Brewstew - Bus Stop Abortion

Brewstew – Bus Stop Abortion

This one’s really about being late for school, as well as my crazy ass bus stop. The title will make sense by the end of the video. Written and animated by: Tyler Rudolph
Brewstew - Kindergarten

Brewstew – Kindergarten

Some of the drama I went through back in the kindergarten days. Oh lordy … what a weirdo. Written and animated by: Tyler Rudolph
Old School Nintendo

Old School Nintendo

Let’s here it for the old school Nintendo. You’ve probably left your Nes face down in a ditch somewhere a long time ago, but its the memories that count! All the terrible memories that raised your blood pressure and gave you a drinking problem. Thanks again Nintendo, I always loved to hate you. Written and...

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