The game follows the wacky mishaps of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, better known as STARS. We’re going to go ahead and look the other way on the fact that a small town, for whatever reason, has the need of personal swat team. They fly off to the Raccoon forest where they are searching for the first team, whose helicopter crash landed. They find most are all dead, but not zombie dead, just regular dead.


“Wow, look at the BLACK helicopter, with all the blades bent. Also it is on fire”

Most of the new team are killed by a pack of wild dogs, and by pack, I mean three or four. Only three of the team make it into the mansion. After watching their friends die and knowing the other team is dead, the logical idea is to split up. From this point on you control STARS team member Chris Redfield, or Jill Valentine. For some reason you aren’t allowed to get shit done as Barry, the curious red bearded fellow you see above. God that’s a handsome man!

Brewer’s Bottom line
• The zombies all wear the exact same clothes.
… And no one says a thing. I will take into account that you are walking through a mansion/laboratory, but even with those factors, I feel there would be a small diversity in the wardrobe.

• POV when climbing stairs
You have to climb stairs like a person with knock knee, who won’t ask for help to save their pride. And forget about being stealthy while climbing them. Every step produces a loud knocking noise.

• You are a member of the STARS team, yet you have no tactical maneuvers.
Remember, these are tactically trained police officers, but they are completely unable to move while aiming a gun. At least there could have been an option to leap or roll. In my opinion the STARS team is no better a civilian.

Ridiculous hand gestures
I understand the graphics for this game may have been a bit in the beginning stage, but why do people feel the need to repeat the same arm gestures over and over again in conversation. I wouldn’t be able to focus on what the person is saying if they repeatedly moved their arms over and over again.
• Someone is extremely reckless with security
On occasion you’ll come across a locked door, or an oddly elaborate puzzle, and you’d think, “Man, this key is going to be hard to find.” Nope. Just look for a giant, distracting glimmer. It’s the key you need to get to safety, just laying on the ground.
• The cure for the T Virus is just lying around.
Why aren’t people force feeding zombies green herbs? Whenever you are bitten in the game all it takes is gnashing some paprika in your teeth until you’re better. Throw down your guns and grab some grubs.


The world Resident Evil takes place in is quite terrifying, and not just because of the zombies. Small pit traps and people who feel the only way to get their point across is to gesture at you, the same gesture, over and over. The stairs sound like you are stomping up them like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum. The STARS team is just a pack of roaming retards who basically shout their way through this mansion, and can’t even figure out that the cure to the zombie apocalypse is just casually lying around.