If you were a kid during Hulk Hogan’s Hulkamania era, then that was the closest you came to immortality.  And by immortality I mean ripping your shirt off and daring your dad to “TRY IT, YOU JUST FUCKING TRY IT!!!!”   I know, I felt it come crashing down … and it hurt inside … but I was a man and didn’t let it slide.  There were ups and downs in The Hulkster’s career.  It was a roller coaster of milk, prayers, vitamins, and a lot of male siblings.  Although through my research, I’ve found a great deal of those individuals Mr. Hogan called brother … were not in fact related to him.

hulk hogan guitar image

Yeah, that really happened.


Why Hogan was the man

  • He body slammed André the giant.  Guys, that’s a roughly 600-pound human being.  That’s like 3 and a half Ray Mysterio’s.


  • Parents were sick of their kids ruining shirts daily. When the the parent would go to lay the smack down, the kid would look his parents dead in the face … and shake there finger.


  • Hulkamania ran rampant; it was like a strain of incurable gonorrhea.


  • America almost changed their colors from Red White and Blue, to Red and Yellow.


  • Hulk Hogan was such a power-house, that his finishing move was simply a leg drop. He’d threaten you with dramatic, over-the-top gestures, then he’d boot ya, leg drop ya, GAME OVER.


  • Hulk Hogan was six time WWF (yes I kept the ‘F’, it was a simpler time then) champion. He proved it was possible for a man who looked like he was 60, (when he was really 25) could accomplish great things.

His real name was Terry Bollea, but we all knew him at Hulk Hogan.  As a kid you were like, “Hulk Hogan, ok, that’s not his real name, but ya know, it’s a fuckin sweet name!”  Bleach blonde hair, glistening bald head, and tear-away sleeveless shirt.  He was a GAWD!